Bret Alan Corsiglia


Mr. Corsiglia’s career can be likened to the United States economy. At the young age of 12 (1977) and with his father’s guidance Mr. Corsiglia began investing in second deeds of trust secured by real property. By the age of 19 (1984), Mr. Corsiglia started a real estate sales practice in Los Altos, California and began remodeling residential real estate. By the age of 25 (1990) and after the bust in the real estate market, Mr. Corsiglia reinvented his career toward technology and began working in the corporate forum for Fortune 500 technology firms. At the young age of 29 (1994), and with the boom of the financial markets, Mr. Corsiglia reinvented his career again and began working within the financial markets where he managed stocks, bonds, options and mutual funds. By the age of 32 (1997), it was evident that in order for Mr. Corsiglia to advance his career any further, he was going to need to return to school and by the age of 38 (2003) he had completed two Bachelors’ in Business with Honors and a Master's in Business Administration. With his formal education behind him, Mr. Corsiglia started Our Serenity, Inc. and now offers his expertise to others based on the many wonderful experiences he calls, his life.


Mr. Corsiglia attended local public schools within the Los Altos/Mountain View districts. The following illustrates his academic achievements.

  • Master’s in Business Administration w/concentration: eBusiness. Graduated 2003
  • Bachelor’s in Business Administration. Graduated, 2001 with Honors
  • Bachelor’s in Business Management. Graduated, 2001 with Honors
  • Associates in Business Administration. Graduated, 1998
  • Associates in Independent Studies, Graduated, 1997


Mr. Corsiglia is a native Californian. He was born in Anaheim, California. When he was four months old, he and his family of two older sisters, a mother and father moved to Northern California where his parents purchased a home in the Silicon Valley.

Mr. Corsiglia is a gentle soul with energy and humor. He tries to find the positive in most things and relates to people on a myriad of levels. He tends to find humor during stressful times and welcomes change at every opportunity. Mr. Corsiglia loves people and the stories for which they share. Most consider him a good listener, but not because he can, but because he cares. He maintains a very close relationship with his sisters and parents and on the weekends, you can find Mr. Corsiglia outside enjoying either a hike in the woods or rollerblading at Shoreline in Mountain View, California.